Rockin' Math Review Centers {Kindergarten CCSS Aligned}

They are FINALLY finished!! I heard you, people! You wanted the kinder version of my review math centers for 1st grade.  Sooo... here they are! :)

The Rockin' Math Review has a center game for just about every part of the Common Core State Standards in Kindergarten grade Math (some of the standards are to be measured orally and so I couldn't make a center game for them). This is a great way to review everything your students have learned in math all year! With a fun rockstar theme, your students will love review their math concepts! 

Included in this pack:
I Can Posters (kid-friendly directions)
Common Core Alignment
*Key Me In (Counting & Cardinality)
*Counting Jam Session (Counting & Cardinality)
*Pitch Perfect (Counting & Cardinality)
*Concert Compare (Counting & Cardinality)
*Star-Worthy Spinners (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Problem Solving Serenade (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Guitar Star (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Keyboard Count (Numbers & Operations in Base 10)
*Play that Funky Music (Measurement & Data)
*Data, Drums, and More (Measurement & Data)
*Singing and Spinning (Geometry)
*Shape Stage Action (Geometry)
*Shape Playlist (Geometry)

Click {here} to check out the kinder version! It'll be on sale today and tomorrow. 

                                1st grade version                                            Kinder version



Ashley Reed said...

Lady, you make me tired!! How do you have time for so much awesomeness???

Alisha P said...

I don't teach K....but you rock my socks off..I can barely manage to stay UP when I get home, let alone create!

The Kinder Garden said...

Girl, you must have read my mind! I was just racking my brain this morning wondering what math activities I wanted to do next week and then this popped up on my lovely blog roll! I bought them today and have already printed out a few of the centers to use next week. Love it! Thanks so much!


The Kinder Garden said...
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