Before and After Halloween

I LOVE Halloween. I am THO THAD that I am off-track for Halloween each year.  Don't worry, folks... we still do a Halloween theme before we go off track in mid-October.  So, this means that I have to start thinking about Halloween ASAP so I can have everything ready to go.

I've been using my Halloween pack for years!  I pretty much do every activity in the pack (and this is not the case with all of my packs).  It goes great with the Common Core!

 This unit integrates Halloween into math, literacy, and art! Differentiated for
 Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades (with B/W options available).

Over 100 pages including:
Scoop and Sort Place Value
Problem Solving
October Battleship
Place Value Game
Bat Writing
Spider Writing
Spelling Game
Q-Tip Skeleton
Paper Plate Spider with Writing
Paper Plate Scarecrow
Hand Print Spider with Poem
Spider Web Chart
Don't Munch the Mummy! (sight word game)
Reading Response Activity
Interactive read-a-loud
Original Poem
Green Witch, Green Witch book 
Student Mini-Book
Class Book
Word Search

In this unit you will get:
Math Centers
Problem Solving
October Battleship
Place Value

Writing Centers
Spelling Centers

5 Art ideas
Q-Tip Skeleton
Paper Plate Spider
Paper Plate Scarecrow
Hand Print Spider

Spider Web Chart and Writing
Bat Web Chart and Writing
Don't Munch the Mummy! (Sight Word Game)

Reading Response
Interactive read-a-loud
Green Witch, Green Witch book 
Student mini-book
Class Book

I am also going to be subbing (that's the great thing about year-round, you can sub when you're off track and make some extra money) on the day after Halloween and I want to do this with the class!

This will be a quick, fun drawing activity. Then, we'll share our pages in small groups because you know your students are dying to talk about what they did the night before.  

I'm loving the Hello Fonts, Moffatt Frames and KPM Doodles!

I just wanted to quickly share my behavior management tip that I posted about last year!

During the day, if a student is following the rules and expectations, 
they will get the pumpkin on their desk.

I move the pumpkin all around on different students' desks all day.  If you are working nicely, you'll probably see the pumpkin once, maybe even twice on your desk! You can't play with him or touch him, but if you are the very last person to have the pumpkin on your desk at the end of the day..... YOU GET THE "PUMPKIN PRESENT" that is inside of the pumpkin!  I like to put pencils, or stickers, or maybe silly bands! *If you have lots of kiddos in your class...send around 2 pumpkins!

Check back this week for non-Halloween, 
but super fun October ideas!!!!!


diditeach said...

Thanks for the cute freebie !

Kelly Miller said...

Thank you! Looks like fun!

Traci Clausen said...

LOVE the idea for something the day AFTER Halloween. SO perfect - as always. :) Thanks!

Unknown said...

I like your pumpkin gift idea!!!

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

We used your mystery pumpkin award last year and our kiddos LOVED it! AND it worked like a charm. Such a clever way to get them excited about working quietly!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

Unknown said...

So cute craft! I want to make something like that. Glad that you give us an idea. Will try that soon.

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Avinashi said...

So cute freebie thanks for sharing.

Angila said...

Great Ideas!Glad to see this post.Thanks for sharing.


Ronith said...

Nice Artical!!!Great craft.It's such a nice idea to making different.Thanks for posting.

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