The Handwriting House

I teach my students each year about the "Handwriting House".  All of the letters have a special place in the house. I teach them this little poem:

Then, I print the cards on cardstock and send them home as bookmarks! They even like to teach their parents a thing or two about handwriting. Perhaps I should share this with my husband?

No, we are not learning our ABC's in 1st grade, but we ARE learning how to properly form our letters.  I am very strict with my students with handwriting starting on day 1. It helps them make it a habit. If I can't read their writing, we will both struggle all year!  They end up feeling so proud about their handwriting. Of course the Handwriting Fairy helps, too. ;)

You can download the poster and bookmark {here}.

For more handwriting ideas you can click {here} and scroll down past this post and you'll see tons of other ideas. 

How do you teach handwriting?


Jennifer Tice said...

How cute is that?! We use the Handwriting Without Tears program. It's got lots of little songs.

Rowdy in First Grade

Karen Ganon said...

This is the cutest. My third graders(!)
are still struggling with this concept. This is such a creative way of remembering. Thank you!

Miss M said...

I like it! I use something very similar to this. I use letters in the attic, main floor and basement :)

I'm glad it works for your kiddos too!

Have a great week,
Miss M
The Fabulous First Grade

Natalie Crockett said...

Haha! I'm sure Brian would appreciate the bookmark! :)

Awesome job, Rachelle!

Holly Rachel said...

This is a great idea - a really good way for students to remember the concept.

Smiling In Second Grade said...

Definitely could have used this last year! My husband could use it too!

Sara :)
The Colorful Apple

Sheree Peterson said...

LOVE this Rachelle! You are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

Kinderaffe said...

What a brilliant idea. We use fundations. I am going to make one to go with our writing. My class will love this and hopefully so will the parents.

Here's to great writers.


David Alexander said...

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Brock Brock said...

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