Mini Webquest - Three Branches of Government

Teaching my students about the US government, is one of my very favorite topics! I love teaching about the Bill of Rights, the Constitutional Convention, and all about the three branches of government.

As part of my computer curriculum, I wanted to find ways to bring a little social studies into my lesson plans, and taking my kids on Internet webquests is a perfect way to combine Internet research skills with the new writing common core!

Here is a mini webquest I created to introduce students to an inquiry-based approach to learning about the 3 branches of government. It walks students through the six different components of a webquest: introduction, task, process, resources, evaluation, and conclusion. It's designed to be a quick one or two day lesson where students identify the three branches, learn about each branch, and complete a little project to demonstrate their learning.

{Click this pic to see more}

-Teacher instruction page (includes project examples)
-Student instruction page (includes website information)
-Three branches of government graphic organizer
-3 blank posters (one for each branch of government)

I am planning to make lots of different mini webquest projects similar to this one on a wide variety of topics and for all grade levels. So please leave a comment and let me know which lessons and topics you would like me to start working on.

Special note: I have priced this webquest at $2, but will offer it for 50% off until the government shutdown is over!! Grab it while it's only $1!

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Teacher and Life Long Learner said..., white, and blue salute!
THANKS for offering this!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said..., white, and blue salute!
THANKS for offering this!

tim watson said...

I loved the banner of this blog.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice one.

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