Nashville! {A Look At Our Fun Blogger Weekend}

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you are probably well-aware of the fact that we both got to travel to Nashville last weekend. It was a super fun trip where we got to meet up with some of our best blogging buddies! We talked, we shopped, we ate, and we line danced at a honky tonk in downtown Nashville! 

Here's the list of friends we met up with:

Amy Lemons {Step Into Second}
Deedee Wills {Mrs. Wills Kinder}
Erica Bohrer {Erica's Ed-ventures}
Cara Carroll {The First Grade Parade}
Sarah Cooley {First Grader At Last}
Amanda Nickerson {One Extra Degree}
Anna Brantley {Crazy for First Grade}
Abby Mullins {The Inspired Apple}
Michelle Lynn {Fabulous in First}
Kim and Megan {Kinder Gals}

Here's a peek at some of the fun we had...
Visiting the Parthenon

Outside of the Grand Ole Opry


Some of the cutest blogging girls we know!

Baby shower for our two expectant mommies,  Abby and Sarah!

Hanging out and having fun!

The whole crew! 
{Minus Kim and Megan who hadn't gotten into town yet, and our sweet friends who weren't able to make the trip: Deanna, Lindsey, Cheryl, and Kathleen.}

On Saturday night, we headed out for a night in downtown Nashville. 

We stopped by this awesome turquoise wall for a little photo shoot. 
{Photos by: Natalie}

And here we are having a blast getting our country dancing on.

We were lucky to meet up with two of Nashville's sweetest teachers: Elizabeth {from Kickin' It In Kinder} and Chandra {from C Jayne Teach}. They ended up being our official tour guides for the night and showed us how much fun Nashville can be!

{Photo credit: Cara Carroll}
The next morning we did a scarf exchange. Here we are showcasing off the cute scarves we all got. 

{Photo credit: Cara Carroll}
A group shot before everyone had to leave their separate ways.  It was sad to have to say goodbye. It's hard having best friends that live on opposite sides of the country!

Words can not adequately describe the fun time we had in Nashville! For anyone involved in the blog world, you know about the special friendships formed from blogging. These girls are not only our blog friends, they are now our "in real life" best friends. 

Have you been to Nashville?
Do you ever travel with a group of friends?
Has blogging changed your life?
{Leave us a comment and share your story!}
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