Get Out Your Bells and Whistles!

I really don't love practicing sight words with my students. I mean, it just gets tedious. And when we go over a word 100 times and the 101st time they say the wrong word, I cry a little inside. I decided to really take my sight word practice to a whole new level.  A few of my reading groups really needed to learn a certain 5 words ASAP because I was sick of them missing it on their running record.  So, I whipped these games up today and we played them like champions.

In our PE closet we have these bowling pins!  I pulled them out and taped the sight words to them.  I had one student come up at a time and I called out a sight word. Then, they had to roll the ball and try to hit the pin with the sight word on it.  They LOVED it. 

This is an oldie, but certainly a goodie. Not only do we swat all the flies in our classroom (for real, we had like 5 in our room today), but when I call out a sight word, the two students with the swatters try to swat the word first.

Do you have any pool noodles around your house or perhaps you picked some up at the Dollar Tree in the summer?  I cut one in half and gave one to 2 of my students. I called out the sight word and they "jabbed" it with their noodle. No students were hurt in the playing of this sight word game. 

I have this stylus that I use for my iPad and it has a laser pointer on the end of it. You'd think that my students are more like cats because they love to chase the laser pointer all around the room. ;)  But really, I call out the sight word and they point the laser to the right word. It's a favorite for sure. 

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