Fun with QR Codes

My school recently got a whole cart of iPads and I've been testing them out this week. We don't have a lot of apps downloaded yet, but I've been having fun teaching students the basics of using an iPad. As the computer specialty teacher at my school, I have students on all different grade levels (1st-6th) and it's been fun {and challenging} coming up with lessons for each different grade.

Today I tested out a geography lesson using the maps app with my fifth graders, while my younger grades worked on the Raz-Kids reading app. Probably my favorite thing to do is QR code activities. Even my first graders can find the reader app, scan the code, and find the information/website they need. 

(Here's a good list of QR readers)

I even made my own QR code activity on groundhogs as a way to teach my students in grades 3-6 about groundhogs and why we celebrate Groundhog Day. Check it out if you're in need of a last minute idea for Friday or Monday.

My question of the day is.... 

What are the best apps out there for elementary students? 
Please comment with a list of the apps you absolutely can not live without! This computer teacher will be very grateful for the help. 

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Amanda Brimer said...

I am a K-5 technology integration teacher in my district. We have been using iPads for about a year now. Some of my favorite apps are:
PuppetPals HD (the movie maker version)
Telegami (free)
Haiku Deck (free)
Story Creator
Baiboard (free)
Endless ABC
Endless Reader

I have used all of these apps with my K-5 students and they have been able to create some amazing projects. I follow the app “Apps Gone Free” religiously and have been able to get a ton of great educational apps for all of our iPads over the last year.
We are also using the SAMR model of technology integration to help us guide our lessons that we are using our iPads with. I am excited to see what other people are using with their kiddos as well!

Rene said...

Absolutely my favorite app is Native Numbers ( for detailed info.) This is an app for VERY early number sense, and is based on several cognitive models of learning. It is designed for PK through 1st, but I've found it uncovers micro-skills missing in even second grade students. It isn't cheap, but it is worth every penny!

C said...

I love QR codes, but I recently read an article on Mashable {so take this with a grain of salt...} that QR codes are "out." Psh, I'm going to keep on using them until the kids don't respond to them anymore! They're fun!

I have a 1 iPad classroom, so the apps I use might be different than those you would use with your kiddos, but some of my favorites are:

-Dropbox {great for pulling up my lesson plan without having to print it}
-Evernote {great for taking notes on the fly about students' behavior and progress}
-Fotobabble {kids can narrate pictures}
-Kindle {I download all kinds of free eBooks to read during lessons}
-Scan and QRReader
-Symbaloo {for getting to my fav links quickly}
-Instagram and Twitter {for maintaining my classroom social media}
-Educreations {create free teaching videos -- I do this a lot for subs}
- Remind 101 {for parent communication}
-Class Dojo {for behavior management}
-Silent Light {for behavior management}
-Splashtop {for working with my iPad and laptop}
-PDF connect {for taking notes on PDF docs -- great for PD, TEKS, etc.}
-Popplet {fun brainstorming app for when we have class discussions}

~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

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