Students' Reading =Boring?

When I first started teaching, I never even thought to teach my students how to use expression when reading.  THANKFULLY, I had an amazing mentor teacher (Jessica, I miss you) and she gave me this idea... Turn the book "Mud Walk" into a week's worth of lessons about expression.  VIOLA! After that week, my students were sounding like professional narrators! ;)

So... we use Mud Walk to teach expression and it takes about a week.  Do you have this book? Maybe it's in your guided reading library (level H). This book has everything you need to show examples of great expression (exclamation points, question marks, bolded words, quotation marks, etc.). I go through the book at read it with great expression and then I read it like a robot. I tell my student we don't want to sound boring like robots and then I start with the first concept.  
Over 5 days, we go through how to read:
*a period
*an exclamation point
*a question mark
*a comma
*quotation marks
*bolded words

Luckily, I have a step-by-step list for you {5 day lesson}.... here's an example of what you can download for free! :)

I use the posters from my Punctuation Perfection {freebie} to show each punctuation mark. I also use highlighter tape to highlight each part.

Example of one of the posters:


Cassie said...

Such a great idea! Some kids need a lot of extra practice with their expression and this is a fun and engaging activity!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the freebies! These are perfect! :)

Teacher at Heart
Teachers Pay Teachers

Gina S. said...

I am constantly trying to get my kids to read with expression. Some of them get it and I just love to hear them read and get into it. This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing!
Third Grade Tidbits

Angela S said...

Teaching kids how to read with expression is not an easy task. Thank you for sharing this!
Gig ‘Em Teacher

Kim and Megan said...

You are so sweet to share your fabulous resources. Can't wait to hit print.

Erica Bohrer said...

Love how you broke the lesson down! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! You are kind to share! This will open new doors for us!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the great lesson idea! I have been using your freebies since last year and they are great :)
Proud to be Primary

Thomas More said...

I like your thoughtfulness! I think every teacher should focus on teaching students how to be more expressive while reading. Well, talking about teachers, I hope my teacher is not disappointed with me for not scoring high enough marks in sociology. I have an online Gpa Calculator open in hen very next tab, to calculate my GPA. I hope my sociology marks do not affect my GPA.

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