All About Me - Back to School Writing Activities!

I love getting to know my new students each year! I always want each of my students to leave feeling happy and loved from day one. Besides going over rules and procedures, I make sure to take time to get to know all of my new students. 

This writing pack is a great way to learn more about the new students in your class! It has lots of writing activities geared specifically towards learning about your new students and their individual personalities and interests. 

Inside you'll find 20 different writing activities!!

24 get-to-know-you writing activities!!

Here are some ways to use these writing pages:

-Choose a few templates for students to work on during the 1st day of school. When completed, do some whole class, small group, or partner get-to-know-activities.

-Bind (or staple) these pages into a booklet. Students can keep them in their desk and work on them during writing time.

-Fast finishers – Students can use these pages for the months of Aug and Sept. It’s a fun and engaging activity for your fast finishers and higher achieving students.

-Hang their pages in the hall or on a bulletin board! Your students will love seeing their work displayed in the classroom!

-Save the completed pages and have students re-do them at the end of the year. They will make a great "time capsule" and it will be fun to see how much your students have changed throughout the year. 

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Ann Mitchell said...

It looks great, Natalie!

Ann Mitchell said...

It looks great, Natalie!

Ann Mitchell said...

It looks great, Natalie!

Roderick Furness said...

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Mitchel Starc said...

Wow, great post.

sharlyn harville said...

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