We LOVE our Teacher Planners!! {Erin Condren}

Natalie and I love our Erin Condren Teacher Planners.  I've had one for the past 3 years and I'm not sure how I lived without it before!  Every week that I plan, I get excited because I get to write in my planner.  Who gets excited to write in a planner? YOU WILL, when you order one! I tried to do digital lesson plans and honestly, I didn't love it.  I like to be able to make quick changes and have it sitting right in front of me. Plus, there's nothing like crossing off something on a list. 

{All 3 of my Erin Condren Teacher Planners.}

{This is Natalie's 2nd year using a teacher planner. She's hooked now too!}

Here are the planners we got this year.  
Natalie's Planner - "Education Quote - Imagine"
Rachelle's Planner - "Happy Stripes"

This is what I get out when I plan each week.  It makes it all the more fun.  
*Washi tape
*Flair pens
*What the Teacher Wants Pen/Highlighter
*Whiteout tape

There is so much included in the planners.  There are checklists, monthly calendars, list pages, absentee logs, a birthday chart, clear inserts (I keep my recess schedules and important pages in these) lesson pages, seating chart and so much more - and everything is in FULL color and personalized! They've thought of it all, people! I also love how STURDY they are. That's very important to me. 

I like to use blue for blogging, purple for school and orange for personal.   Can you see that my birthday is on the first day of school? FUN TIMES (said no teacher ever)! 

 Here's my favorite part EVER.  The lesson planning pages.  They are so roomy, have lines, and plenty of time slots.  I love that it goes horizontal.  I use washi tape to showcase my recess, lunch, and specials time.  

I love everything about my Erin Condren Teacher Planner! It's worth the money, for sure.

 What if your school makes you do online plans?  
I would highly suggest getting a Life Planner so that it can PLAN YOUR LIFE! I love to make lists and have a tangible calendar, so I just ordered a Life Planner last week (I'm currently stalking the FedEx man). You heard me right... I have a Teacher Planner and now I am going to have a Life Planner, too!  I *hate* iPhone calendar apps and I'm hoping the Life Planner will help me become more organized and little more balanced.

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