GoNoodle is Hoppin'!

Many of our readers have heard about my weight loss story.  If you haven't, let me tell you a little bit about how an active/healthy lifestyle has changed my life.  

See...I have lost over 100 pounds!  I've never known what it's like to be active.  Now that I know how wonderful it feels to move my body,  I'll be like this forever...and it's carried over to all parts of my life. 

How does this relate to teaching?

 Being unhealthy/overweight and teaching was dang hard for me.  I remember wanting so bad to go outside with my students and play a simple game of tag, but was unable to.  Last year, I was able to race my students outside from the lunch room to our playground and WIN!  BOOM! ;)  Take that, first graders.

I want to promote my active lifestyle to everyone I meet because I want everyone to feel as great as I do.  My students are no different.  We are as active as we can be in my little classroom. I know that they NEED to move more at school because many of my students are stagnant at home. Sometimes we just need 10 minutes of getting our wiggles out, or maybe I'm just trying to build their endurance and get their heart rate going (haha!), we always use my favorite website:

What is GoNoodle, you ask? GoNoodle.com is pretty amazing!  It's a compilation of FREE brain breaks you can use in your classroom.  From yoga to Minions dancing to "Happy", this website has it all to help your students (and you) get moving.  Your students are able to follow along easily, get moving, and have a BLAST.  Let's be honest, I have a blast too.  

I had to show you how much fun their Brain Breaks are. Try not to laugh too hard!
 (P.S. I'm totally repping my What the Teacher Wants t-shirt that Natalie bought me for Christmas)...

I seriously was sweating after! I had to do it like 5 times because I struggled managing the camera by myself. HA! So I really got a good workout and I love to dance!
Register and use their brain breaks for FREE {here}.

This was the one I did ( not all of the brain breaks involve dancing!):

You get to pick your classroom Champ character and of course we picked Oogles Fitzlemon:

As you pick new brain breaks for your class, you earn points and can earn more class Champs!

You can pick from  Zumba Kids (right up my alley), YouTube brain breaks, yoga with Maximo, dance/music videos, and SO MUCH MORE! You can even save your favorites so that you can easily access them later. People, they've thought of everything. 

Did I mention it's FREE!? I would never promote something that I didn't absolutely love.  I absolutely LOVE GoNoodle and I plan to use it every day this school year.  So what are you waiting for? Register and use their brain breaks for FREE {here}.

And just to show you how awesome GoNoodle is, they are giving away some swag!  Enter to win a CLASSROOM SET of GoNoodle Shoelaces.  {We can learn to tie our shoes with these awesome laces or even use them as a prize for a students' fitness goal} 

How are other teachers using GoNoodle in their classroom?  Head over to Elementary Shenanigans to see how Hope uses it in her classroom! 
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