Blend and Digraph Word Sliders

Word sliders are PERFECT to help your little ones with blending. These are blends and digraphs (I also have CVC and Vowel Teams).  They use a letter-sized envelope and slide each letter out and say the sound.  As they continue to pull out the word, they blend it together and then can do a self-check by looking at the picture.  I've seen HUGE progress in my students who struggled with blending. These are PERFECT for guided reading or RtI time.


I also have a CVC pack that is PERFECT for RtI!  My little guy that was struggling with blending, loves to whip these out and master them all!

Just added- Vowel Team Word Sliders!

Or you can buy them in a bundled pack for a discount! :)


Jodi said...

Very cute!

Fun In First

amy.lemons said...

Love those!

Carlie Hill said...
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Hildegard Flatley said...

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