Kindergarten and 1st Grade Math Games!

I've been really needing some math games for my math tubs lately.  I love to do one tub that is a review of something we've already learned.  And I forgot about my Rockin' Math Review Centers so I'm currently just pulling them out and dusting them off!
I have made a review center game for EVERY STANDARD in the 1st and Kindergarten Common Core Math (some games cover multiple standards).  I know... I  am CRAZY!

1st Grade Version

There are 18 centers!
Included in this pack:
I Can Posters for each game
Common Core Alignment pages
Problem Solving Serenade {problem solving}
You’re a Star {missing addend}
Pop Star Properties {add/subtract properties}
Star-Worthy Spinners {add and subtract}
True of False {equal/not equal equations}
Pitch Perfect {missing addend}
Key Me In {counting within 120}
Number Playlists {place value}
Concert Compare {comparing numbers}
Rockin’ Mash Up {double-digit addition}
More and Less Jam Session {10 more/less}
Musical Add Up {double-digit addition with place value}
Play that Funky Music {Measuring}
Measuring Musicians {Measuring}
Time to Rock {Time}
Data, Drums, and More! {Data}
Singing and Spinning {2D and 3D}
Fraction Stage Action {fractions}

Kinder Version

The Rockin' Math Review has a center game for just about every part of the Common Core State Standards in Kindergarten grade Math (some of the standards are to be measured orally and so I couldn't make a center game for them). This is a great way to review everything your students have learned in math all year! With a fun rockstar theme, your students will love review their math concepts! 

Included in this pack:
I Can Posters (kid-friendly directions)
Common Core Alignment
*Key Me In (Counting & Cardinality)
*Counting Jam Session (Counting & Cardinality)
*Pitch Perfect (Counting & Cardinality)
*Concert Compare (Counting & Cardinality)
*Star-Worthy Spinners (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Problem Solving Serenade (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Guitar Star (Operations & Algebraic Thinking)
*Keyboard Count (Numbers & Operations in Base 10)
*Play that Funky Music (Measurement & Data)
*Data, Drums, and More (Measurement & Data)
*Singing and Spinning (Geometry)
*Shape Stage Action (Geometry)
*Shape Playlist (Geometry)

Click {here} to check out the kinder version. 

                                1st grade version                                            Kinder version



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