GLUE! Do you have a love/hate relationship with glue in your classroom or at home?
It's great for art projects or review worksheets, but it is always clogging! I get quite frustrated during every project using glue because I am spending most of my time with a thumb tack  in my hand digging out hard glue clogged in each bottle!  I have a great tip for you! Just use oil in the lids. Here is a tutorial. -Thank you to my student teaching cooperating teacher who gave me this tip a couple years ago!

Disclaimer:  This does not work miracles unless you teach your students to take care of their glue bottles. You'll just notice that your glue will clog much less (if at all!) and will be easier to un-clog if it does! I honestly have NO problems with my glue ALL year- as long as my student close their glue and wipe off the top. 

1. Take the lids off of the glue bottles.

2. Put the lids in a bowl and pour oil over them (I use vegetable oil because it's cheap) and stir up the lids so they get oil inside of them.

3. Rinse (don't wash) off the lids.

4. Dab the glue lids dry (don't wipe all the oil off). You can leave them out to dry if you want.

5. Put he lids back on.

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More glue options here:

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