Popcorn All Over!

We've been eating a lot of popcorn in these parts...
I started with this book:
We learned all about popcorn and it's history.
We moved on to Abby's Popcorn Adjectives pack.  There's so much fun in this pack.
My students just LOVE doing this every year! 
Then, came the yummy part!  I brought in some popcorn that was freshly popped.  I didn't tell them what we were doing and I hid the popcorn.  When they came in from recess they just kept asking me where the popcorn was. :)  I finally got it out and shared it with them.  We then wrote down adjectives describing the popcorn.  The next day we used those adjectives to write about popcorn and made the cute craft from Abby's pack.

More popcorn, you say?
It's for Brown Bag Book Club!

I have loved this idea that I got from Cara Carrol years ago!  After we finish our read aloud chapter book, we always finish with Brown Bag Book Club.  My students love getting in small groups and discussing the book (all while snacking on some popcorn, of course).  We do the comprehension sheet first all together, then cut/glue their sheet to the bag, get some popcorn in their bag, and then I send them into their groups with a list of questions they can ask one another (those questions can be found here).

Click {here} to download some of our comprehension sheets for Brown Bag Book Club:

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