It's Christmas... in July!

It's nearly 100 degrees outside here in Utah, but that's not stopping us from having a Christmas in July sale!! Every other day for the next 12 days will will have a special sale going on in each of our stores. 

Today's sale will focus on our READING resources!

This pack is full of ideas to help you plan for your guided reading mini-lessons. These lessons are perfect for you small group, but many can be used in whole group! This goes great with the Common Core State Standards and goes with ANY book (informational and narrative).

{A top 10 best seller} Do you want to be a guided reading wizard? With over 90 pages, this packet contains activities, lessons, and tools to help you become just that! This packet is perfect for early readers {kinder and 1st grade}.

Have you ever wanted to set up your own take-home reading books, but just haven't known where to start? Well... this pack gives you everything you need to learn how to set up a take-home reading system in your class! 

This booklet was created as a fun and engaging way to hold students accountable during their literature circles. This 18 page booklet walks students through the whole process of reading literature and serves as a final project for the book.

When doing Literature Circles with my class, I like to make sure that students are accountable for their reading. When I'm working with small groups, I need to make sure that the other groups are focused and working independently. These blank pages and job assignments will ensure that students are doing their assigned reading in their groups. This download is perfect for students in grades 3-6, and can be used with any chapter book.

This free download includes 2 forms: a group guided reading form and a reading conference sheet. These forms will help you take a running record, identify a reading strength (something great), focus on an area for improvement (something to work on), and give a daily lesson to the individual student or group. 

Hope you enjoy our Christmas in July sale and have fun saving 20% on these fabulous reading resources! 

Check back in two days to see which of our products will be on sale next!

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