New Guided Reading Mini-Lessons Pack (and a SALE)

Finish the year out with the necessities and SAVE SOME MONEY WITH A SALE!  Our stores will be on sale PLUS there's an extra promo code (THANK YOU)... in total you'll save up to 28%!

And... maybe... start thinking about next year when you are making your purchases during this SALE (don't forget to use promo code THANKYOU)! I know this 2nd grade Guided Reading Mini-Lesson pack has been needing to get in my store for over a year, but I finally finished it! It's perfect to spice up your last bit in school this year, but you REALLY need it to start out the year.  (P.S. I also have a Kinder/1st version HERE)

There are seriously almost 300 pages in this pack. Please read about what's included {here}. It was made with lots of love (and a few tears).  Check it out {here}!

Here are some of my favorites to end out the year!


Being a teacher is HARD work! It's so nice to have one week where we all get to feel celebrated and appreciated! 

Happy teacher appreciation week to all you hard-working, amazing teachers!

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