Parent Volunteer Gift Ideas

How is everyone?!? Are you surviving the last few weeks of school (or you could be me.... I still have about 6 weeks left! YAY for year-round school!). Are you pulling out your hair or drinking a bottle of wine each night? I get really stressed this time of year.  I have this inner battle between starting to get ready for next year and actually finishing out this year.  I would love to start putting together reading folders and cleaning up my classroom to get ready for next year, but we have a spelling test tomorrow and benchmarks are due and I have to start the slideshow and I have to get parent volunteer gifts ready FOR THIS YEAR! Oh! My! Word! I have quite the to-do list. Speaking of parent volunteers...

I made these tags for my teammates for teacher appreciation week and I shared them {here}. BUT, I wanted to just use the same idea for my parent volunteers this year that really went above and beyond. So, I changed the tag for them.

Teammate Gift Download {here}
Parent Volunteer Download {here}

We also have a collection of free download for all of these ideas as well!  Find them all {here}!

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