Back to School Part 2 {Bulletin Boards}

I have to don't hate me here.... I love bulletin boards.  Do I change them out every month? HECK NO. It's maybe every 3 or 4. ;). But, I do love creating them and sharing them with my students.

Here are some of the back-to-school bulletin boards I've created over the years. You can see the quality gets better over the years. Don't judge my oldies.

Most of these bulletin boards are just made by me putting the letters in PowerPoint (tying one letter per page), printing and cutting them out. Then, I'll find clipart that goes with it and print them off and stick a label with my students' names on it!

First Grade is our Jam

Donut Worry 1st Grade is Sweet!

A Minion Reasons to Love 1st Grade!

Picture Perfect Class


Under 'kid"struction 

"Ant"icipating a Great Year!

A New Twist on a New Year

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