The Substitute Challenge!

Sometimes when I have to get a substitute in my class, I leave a challenge for my students to complete while he/she is there.  It keeps them motivated and is a constant reminder to follow the expectations. The very first time I'm absent in the school year, I send my students this video to watch right when they come in!

The video isn't mandatory, but it adds an element of excitement! I email the video to the substitute  and leave her a laptop from our laptop cart (when we request for a sub, it gives us an option of contacting them via email), but you could also burn it on a DVD or have another teacher quickly show it for you. I made this video in iMovie, but if you don't have an iPhone or a Mac, you can use the app InShot. It's free and simple!

So, here's the challenge! If the students follow the expectations, the sub can open up an envelope and get a clue out! As the day goes on, the substitute can keep opening up the envelopes. I have my clues spell out iPad, so I only needed 4 envelopes. I feel like in my classroom that was just enough. The last clue is unlocked at the very end of the day!

You'll leave the envelopes hanging on the board so that your students can see them! I leave the substitute direction sheet on my desk with my sub plans so she can fully understand it as well. This freebie comes blank, in case you want to change it up each time you have a sub (different reward).

Click here for this freebie!

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