12 Days of Christmas Math

First of all, I can't really take credit for this lesson. My eMINTS teacher, Mrs. Anderson, came and guest taught my class two years ago and taught my students how to use Excel and use the function tools to calculate the total cost of the 12 days of Christmas. However, I prefer the good 'ol pencil and paper to do the calculations. This is my adaptation of her lesson...

You’ve heard the song about the 12 Days of Christmas, haven’t you? Have you ever stopped to wonder how expensive it would be to actually buy all the gifts in the song? This fun Christmas math activity will help you figure outjust how expensive it would be.

  • Go to THIS website.
  • Click on the game that says ‘Pin the Price Tag on the Gift.’
  • Play the game until all price tags are correct.
Then, students will use this chart and calculate how much all the items in the song would cost.

{Obviously this is for upper elementary students, but all you cute 1st grade and kindergarten teachers could probably adapt this somehow for your class...}


Rachelle and Brian said...

Natalie! I LOVE how much technology you use in your classroom!!!!!!

Mrs. O'Brien said...

So happy I found your blog!!! Natalie - do you know of other blogs for upper elementary teachers? There are so many wonderful blogs for early grades. I teach students in grades K-6. Again, love your ideas! Keep up the good work!

Natalie Kay said...

Mrs. O'Brien, thank so much for your sweet comment! This is the first 'fan mail' I've received*... thank you!! I really haven't found many upper grade blogs. I did find a cute art blog with posts for all grades. Check it out at: www.funart4kids.blogspot.com

*Besides Rachelle, of course... she always leaves nice comments too. Hehe.)

Mrs. Nickerson said...

I cannot wait to try this out! :) I am also on the hunt for upper grade blogs... so if I find any... I'll make a post to promote them!

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