More Science: Electricity

We've been doing so much "fun science" lately. 
Hands on science = fun science!

I mentioned before that my team does rotations for science. There are five science standards for 5th grade and we split up all the units. I teach my matter unit four times and the other teachers cover everything else. I absolutely love it! But I also LOVE the end of the year when I review before testing and I pull out all my fun stuff. The past couple days we've been playing with circuits, static electricity, electromagnetism, and bar magnets. It's been great!!

I want to share some of my electricity stuff with you all, but I feel bad because I made it last year and it's not super cute. (It is in no way up to normal What The Teacher Wants standards...) I would fix it up all cute, but let's face it: it's May, there are only 14 days of school left, and I'm T.I.R.E.D!! :)

In this activity, students use batteries, paperclips, and Christmas lights to make a simple circuit. (One of the questions on the worksheet helps them find out that you can make the light brighter by adding an extra battery.) This is inquiry based where the students design their own experiment and learn through trial and error.

In this activity, students (kind of) make an electroscope.  They get to test different objects to determine how they are attracted to each other through static electricity.

Now, I want to know... 
What "fun science" do YOU do with your class?


Anonymous said...

In Arizona we are provided our science kits. My favorite one is the "Butterflies" unit. Yes, I know it's done all over and it's not new and unique, but I tell you, I never get tired of watching those little babies come out!

Seeing it through the eyes of a 2nd grader makes it new and fresh every year and just two days ago we saw our first one! Now we're at about 15 and when we return to school we'll each write an ode to our butterfly friends, which we'll read before we release them.

Gotta love science through nature!


Rachelle said...

Love all of these science posts!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

We're doing a motion and design unit- the kids get to create vehicles using Kinects, test out different means of motion (using gravity to pull the vehicle, potential energy with rubber bands, what happens when we add a sail or carry a load of blocks...) It's a fun unit! I'm really enjoying it.

The only problem is, one of my students (especially now that it's almost the end of the year) just can't handle the less-structured time. He's terrible during science, and I've made him up some worksheets to do for those days when he is distracting the other kids. That's kind of disappointing, but all the other kids are doing just great, and loving science!

Rachelle said...

I love to do experiments with water. Not only is it a part of the 1st grade core but it's hot outside and so fun! :)

Holly said...

My kiddos love working with batteries and circuits too. A few of our favorite simple science activities include:
Mixing Colors
Candy Experiments
Outerspace Explorations

Stay and Play

Anna Smith said...

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