Management Monday - Student Planners

I think it's very important to make sure students have a daily homework planner. In my class, this planner needs to be filled out each day in class (we do it together), checked and signed off by a parent/guardian each night, then returned for a teacher stamp each morning.This way, everyone's on the same page about what and when homework, projects, and notes are due.

I know you can buy fancy student planners, but I prefer to make my own.

First, I make a weekly template and include any homework that stays the same each week (my students always have to read 30 minutes, and always have to work on spelling). I can add my math homework or anything else that is due on the blank lines. I also personalize each day, making sure to add in vacation days. (This is very helpful because I don't feel like I have to send home reminder notes all the time.) I continue until I have a page for each week of the school year.

Here's my general template:
I always buy 1/2 inch binders from Costco (they come is a 6 pack for around $8 each). I like them because they're skinny enough that they don't take up much room in desks and fit well in backpacks.

And of course, you'll need a cute cover.
*Helpful hint - It does get time consuming for me to stamp everyone's planner everyday, but I feel it's important to do this otherwise students won't care if they get a parent signature or not. You can have a class secretary do this. I, personally, like to check to make sure everyone returned their homework each day, so I turn on CNN Student News (click here for information on downloading this free 10 minute news podcast) and stamp folders and check homework during this time.
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