Parent Volunteer Gift Ideas to say thanks!

How to thank your parent volunteers at the end of the year. . .
At the end of each year, I scramble on what to give my parent volunteers as a thank you gift. I am in love with using "a play on words".  It's totally my style.  Here are some things I've done in the past!  I've provided you with the tags that go with each gift.  If you'd like to print the tags smaller {they are quite large}, download the file and go to file then page set up and change the percentage to 60% or smaller.

This first gift to say thank you to a parent volunteer is a tag that goes on a set of measuring cups! This year, I'm giving my parent volunteers a set of colorful measuring cups from The Dollar Tree {I have 17 classroom and at-home volunteers this year!!!!} with this tag:
 And this goes on the back:

This next parent volunteer thank you gift gift goes with a bottle of Bath and Body Works hand lotion/soap! Well, it could go with any hand lotion or soap, but I just love the deals I can get at BBW!  Thanks Jess for this idea!


This is what I did for my volunteers last year! I bought those cute popcorn containers from the Target Dollar Spot {I said Target Dollar Spot- need I say more?}. I filled each one with movie theater candy and home-made caramel corn! Yum.
How do you say "THANKS" to your volunteers?
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