Playing with Diapers

We really did play with diapers today and my students loved it. It was all part of an inquiry-based science experiment that ended up being lots of fun. This activity is simple and easy to do without a lot of preparation.
First, download this form.
Then, gather the materials you'll need:
We used a diapers, graduated cylinders, water, plates and/or cups. 
(One per group. 4 students in a group = 8 groups total.)

Last, let your students explore.
I promise your students will love it! :)

FYI - For more science resources for Matter check out my Physical and Chemical Changes Resource Pack for sale at Teachers Pay Teachers


Rachelle said...

Oh my gosh! How cute!!!! I love it!

Bri said...

This is such an interesting idea! I never would have thought of it! Great Idea!

Natasha Buckner said...

what grade did you do this with? its awesome!

Mrs. C said...

I love it! Great stuff!

Jessica said...

This is fun and hilarious!! I love it! For some reason though, I cannot download the sheet. :( Can you help a teacher out??!

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