Substitute Survival Kit

This Substitute Survival Kit will help you plan for a substitute! THIS IS AN EDITABLE PRODUCT (customer must have PowerPoint)! All forms are available in color and black/white. 

*Sub Tub: Decorative tag and directions are included.

*Substitute Binder: Directions and title pages included.

*Sub forms: Included in this packet are the notes from the sub, a note from the teacher, all about my class, all about my school, allergy information, office pass, class roster, attendance slip and class information. 

*Secret Message: This is an activity where you will leave your students a secret message. Your sub will guide the students through decoding the message. 

*Treasure Chest: This is a behavior management tool for the substitute to use. This includes 2 activities to go along with it.

This product is in a zip file and has both the PDF and PowerPoint versions of the product {the PDF is non-editable and the PowerPoint can be edited to add text to your sub forms}. Pictures/frames cannot be edited.

Included in this pack is a behavior management tool that I use ONLY when I have a sub. It's called the "Treasure Chest". This chest travels around to students' desks when they are quiet. The substitute teacher can move it around as much as they please. When the day is over, whoever's desk it lands on, that student gets to open up the chest and keep the prize inside! 

For some substitutes I leave directions on how to use the technology in my classroom. 
This is a free, editable download for you {here}. It's not included in my Kit, but it's free for you to download!

You've gotta leave a little love for the substitute! I like to leave a pack of gum or mints and say that it "Mint" so much to have you sub my class! 

All of this is included in my Substitute Survival Kit!


Vickie said...

I can't wait to go empty my cart!!
I have a quick question...I also make everything in Powerpoint and then save as a PDF. However, when I do that, it leaves about 1 inch of white border around the sides. I've played with margins, etc., but it still does it. Any tricks to make it stop? Thanks!!

Andrea Brown - Cheers To School said...

This is awesome!! I'm actually a substitute teacher and I love going into classrooms where the teacher leaves many documents/files for me to read. Also I LOVE that you include a behavior management tool because sometimes it's better for the sub to adopt your classroom management instead of introducing a new one (especially for the younger grades). If you do start creating pre-made emergency sub plans, I bet many teachers and subs would definitely look into as something to use. I always make sure to bring extra lessons/activities if there are any free time during the day. Thanks for sharing! :)

Cheers to School

melissa said...

Yes, I would use a pre-made sub plan! I've also tried to create my master binder like you've said, but would use the masters to that, also! I'm excited to purchase some things today with the leapday sale!
I [LOVE!!] your blog and am impressed everytime you have a new you have enough time to create such amazing things; and how talented you are!! It blows my socks off. Anyway, thanks for helping me be a better teacher!!

Andrea said...

Looks great! I just bought your Spring Centers. They are PERFECT! Thanks so much!

Stepping Into First Grade

Erika said...

This looks great! I was actually home today and thankfully a retired coworker subbed for me. :)

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Katie said...

It's always a good idea to have plans ready just in case! I like this idea to keep it all organized and ready! :)

Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...

Love, love, love it! THANK YOU!

A Year of Many Firsts

Think, Wonder, and Teach said...

Ah ha! When I was reading I had a picture of my son's first grade teacher standing at the front of the room calling out the lunch options and counting the hands that were raised and writing down the number. I just couldn't figure out why some kids were not raising their hands. LOL!

Thanks for the clarification.

Mrs Poland
Think, Wonder, & Teach

Ms. Yingling said...

My mother always said that I should leave my desk as if I would be hit by a bus on the way home from work! I always leave the lesson, schedule and instructions at the circulation desk. I'm rarely out-- there's so much more work when I come back to the library!

Ericka said...

Yes, YES, YES!!! That was for the suggestion of pre made sub plans. I have a pre made sub folder and every summer I *intend* to fill out with lesson plans that will work for every time of year, but with all the other beginning of the year stuff, it always falls by the wayside. So yes, I would absolutely love pre made sub plans from you. I love all your resources!!!

Marcy said...

One simple thing that I love to see when I walk into a classroom to substitute would be name tags on the desks! I was a classroom teacher for 20+ years and didn't realize how helpful this is for anyone who is in your classroom. One teacher kept them at each table
in a tub with other school supplies and the students simply took them out and put them at the top of their work space that day. If you can call a student by name, it gives you a huge advantage!

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