Brag Tags by Image Stuff

You might remember {this} post from my sweet friend Cara. My kiddos are loving these Tags! I told them that if they turn in their reading calendar for the month and meet their goal,  they get a new tag on their backpack!  They are nuts over them!  Each time they meet their goal, they get to add another tag on {I think eventually I will buy the necklaces so they can wear them too}. They even get one for special occasions like Valentine's Day and their Birthday.

They are so motivated by these Tags. They are customizable so mine say things like....

"Mrs. Smith's Class Rocks!"

"I'm so cool! From, Mrs. Smith"

"Happy Birthday! Love, Mrs. Smith"

Here's the teacher pack that I got...THERE ARE SO MANY TAGS THAT COME IN THIS PACK!:

Check out Image Stuff and order some for your class! Get the motivation going! :)
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