As I was finishing up my report cards a few weeks ago. I noticed that MANY of my students were FAILING not meeting the standards in fluency.  I always talk about fluency, but I've never really stressed it.  My teammates also had the same problem.  They suggested that we all start doing Fry Phrases.  I found a fabulous set of Fry Phrases for free from Ocean's of First Grade Fun.  She made the first 3 lists all cute and typed and COLOR CODED. How did she know my OCD self I would love and need these! :)

I've also started using Jodi's Fluency packs. Ohmyword. There is about THIS MUCH in these packets. They are Ahhh-mazing! They are also great for vocabulary and comprehension.

Then, as one of my Daily 5 mini-lessons, I did a fluency lesson. I want my kiddos to know what fluency is so that they can have it! :)

I made these posters to help them remember.  I only went over one poster a day.  I showed them non-examples and then good examples of each one.  So, for example on day one, I did explained rate.  I read a poem SUPER fast. I had to give me a thumbs up if I had a good rate or a thumbs down if I had a bad rate. They gave me a THUMBS DOWN!  I was too fast!  Then, I read it too slow.  I bet you can guess what happened next.  Yes, they gave me another thumbs down.  I finally read it just right. I got lots of thumbs up and even a few thumbs down.

With each poster there is also an action:
Rate- Not too fast and not too slow {they pretend to run slow and run fast- with their arms}
Expression- Don't sound like a robot {they do the robot dance- channel your inner 80's dance moves}
Accuracy-Read the words right {they do a check mark in the air with their pointer finger}
Punctuation- Read the punctuation marks {they make an exclamation point in the air}

Then, once a week, after I do a running record on a student, I quickly have them fill out this self-assessment.  We then set a goal on what they will work on.

Any other fluency tips for my 1st graders? 
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