Can you come see me?

I'm going on a VACATION to So Cal {Southern California....ok, I probably didn't have to explain that}! What better way to spend my vacation than having a meet-up with all of you?!?!?!  I really wish Natalie could come too, but she's kinda having a baby. Soon. I promise we'll take lots of pictures to show you, Natalie!  We'll be meeting in Irvine. Ya'll, I  have no idea where anything is in California. I haven't been there since high school and I took a school bus there. :)

My husband is coming with me and I are taking this vacation together. It was a mutual decision. :).He's not really invited to the meet-up though. He needs something to do during that time. Any ideas?  Could our husbands congregate to some sporting event during that time?  Nah...I'll just leave him at the hotel. I told him I'd only be gone a couple of hours. HA!  He just rolled his eyes nodded his head in agreement.

At the Utah blogger/teacher meet-up that we had last November, I about lost my voice from talking SO much. I can't wait for that to happen again!  

You can email Hadar at  or you can shoot me an email at  for more info!
P.S. I love Hadar. Not in a creepy-stalking-I'm a werido- kind of way. But, she's just so sweet and fabulous and I love her blog. Just sayin'.

PLEASE COME! It'll be so fun. Like Hunger Games at midnight kinda fun.

Riddle me this:
1. Can you come {don't make me beg}?
2. Should I take my hubby to Disneyland {he's never been}
3. What is a must-see in So. California?
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