Organizing Centers

Hey friends!  I'm getting some SPRING FEVER....especially because in 8 days I'll be in California sippin' Diet Coke with some of my blogging friends!  I cannot decide what to wear.  Do I wear heels? Do I wear flats?  I don't want to tower over Kristin {Teeny Tiny Teacher}. Because let's just say, I'm not teeny tiny!  If you have advice on what I should wear, I'd like that. :)

I'm here to show you all how I organize all those bagillion {is that a number?} centers I have.  Last year, I did lots of posts about organization that you can look at {here}.

Each center is put in it's theme-specific clear bin.  Each bin is clearly labeled. It's all about labels, my friend.

If the game is more neutral or I use it only in a math concept, I put it in it's corresponding bin that I have for math.

Then, inside each bin, I have the games separated in ziploc bags.  I love the freezer gallon sized ones.  Thank you Costco for providing me a huge box of them!  Inside of the ziploc is each piece for the game plus one recording sheet as my blackline.  If I'm feeling really awesome, I put that blackline in a page protector. You know, to protect it. :)

And that's all folks! :)  If you'd like my labels, you can download them {here}.  Just do me a favor and click the file on GoogleDocs and click "download". They will download right to your computer.  No need to click "share". :)

I use AVERY 5163 label size and I stick a piece of book tape over it to keep it durable.

Clipart and/or fonts are used with permission from:
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Do you organize your centers this way? Or some other way? I'd love to hear about it!
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