Are You Getting a Student Teacher?

I AM!  Well... she started in November to do her practicum work and now she's going to be my student teacher in January.  Her name is Carly and she ROCKS! She seriously is so fabulous, great with the kiddos, and so eager to learn. :)  I gave her the Student Teacher Binder early because I just couldn't wait.  AND, the fact that her friends saw the binder on our blog and spilled the beans to her!!!! ;)

She used it A LOT during her practicum and she'll use it even more during her Student Teaching.

Ready, Set, Go! Getting Your Student Teacher Off to a Great Start!

This customizable packet is full of resources to compile and put in a binder for your student teacher {or for yourself, if you are a student teacher}. What a great way to show your student teacher that you care? They will feel loved and organized and a lot less overwhelmed! Each page comes in color and black/white!

Included in this student teacher packet:
*Binder Cover {2 options}
*Welcome Letter
*Schedule Form
*Lesson Plan Template
*Helpful Hints Form
*About our Class Form
*Class Roster
*Behavior Management Idea Forms
*Weekly Planner {To-do list}
*Website Resources
*Bright Ideas 
*Student Teacher About Me Page
*Student Teaching Survival Kit {Gift Idea}

** This packet comes in a zip file with a PowerPoint {customizable} and PDF file!

This is a gift idea that is in this packet! It's called the Student Teaching Survival Kit:

Click {here} to see more!


Ashley said...

This is SO neat! I'm a 4th year teacher, and have yet to have a student teacher, just a Professional Semester student. They teach a few lessons and do a lot of observing-it's like preparation for student teaching. Anyways, I'm keeping this on my Wish List for the next time I get a college student in my classroom. Greatest idea ever!

Kate @ EduKate and Inspire said...

I would have loved that when I was a student teacher. What a great idea!!

EduKate and Inspire

Unknown said...

Love it! I just had my first student teacher and she was wonderful! I'll put that on my wishlist for the next time I have a student teacher.

karen @ Smarticle Particles said...

What a great idea! I have never, ever had a student teacher. In fact I was never officially a student teacher. I went through an alternative certification program (years ago) and then was thrown into a 4th grade classroom to sink or swim. Luckily I swam :). Your student teacher is lucky to have you!

Take care and enjoy the holidays!

Jessica F said...

That would have been so great to have as a student teacher! You are so thoughtful and kind, your student teacher is lucky to have you! :)

Fun in PreK-1

Elizabeth said...

Your student teacher is a lucky gal :)

Bren P. said...

Wish I had this during my student teaching! Can I do it all over again and be in your class? Your student teacher is super lucky to have you!

Awesome resource! :)

Bren P.
The Teacher Diaries

Rachael said...

I am a preservice teacher - about to start my last 10 months of classes and assessment. I have 2 blocks of prac to go - one in April, for 5 weeks, and one in October for 4 weeks. I'm going to have to save up my $ and grab this before I start, though, because it would save me so much time when planning and getting into it! My last prac I was living on 4 to 5 hrs sleep a night for a month, so maybe your pack can help curb that.. :)
Miss Rachael Teaches

Ms.M from Teachingisagift said...

What student teacher wouldn't want to be in your classroom? I do something similar to you with a "Student Teacher Survival Kit" buy yours looks much more fun! I too am getting a student teacher in January! This is the second one I have had this year! Actually, it's the NEW YEAR! I would like to invite you to come and link up at the New Year Linky Party I am hosting at I am sure I am not the only one who could use your wonderful package for a student teacher. Come and join the fun!

Khrys said...

What a fantastic idea! Thanks so much for sharing :) I'm so excited to be your newest follower!

vicky1970 said...

Hi my sweet friend,
Happy New Year...I hope your 2013 is amazing! I have been asked 2 times lately to have a student teacher that my daughter isn't at my little ol' elementary school anymore - I like to get right home to her. She beats me by about 25 minutes from middle school. So when my kiddos are older I think I'll give it a try. Your pack seems perfect for anyone with one. Today's my bday!!! Off for some fun. Hugs and warm wishes in 2013 xoxox
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Mrs. M said...

I am getting one in January. I love this idea and am glad I stumbled upon it. Any other great advice? I would love some more tips to make this a great experience for her.

Mello’s Memos

Unknown said...

With only excellent teaching resource one can achieve the targets..

Carly Wizeman said...

Girl! I Love this! I'll definitely be keeping this in mind for when I get a student teacher! :) Plus, the little gift basket...You are just too sweet! I'm sure Carly is so excited to have you as her mentor!

First Grade Fabulosity

Amanda said...

I just found out yesterday that I will have a student teacher in the fall. I am excited and a little nervous at the same first time having a student teacher. I just added this to my wish list and can't wait to check it out! :)

Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

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