Adding Ten

Can you believe this isn't a Christmas post?  We are *actually* doing "regular" math around here {even though I'd much rather be sorting green and red M&M's}.

We've been practicing counting by tens, place value, and adding only one ten to a decade number.
For this partner game, I have my kiddos use plastic plates and dry-erase markers.  One partner puts an amount of tens cubes in the left spot and only one in the right side.  The other partner writes the number sentence.

And then we did this quick assessment:

Clic {here} to download!

What I love most about this is that it can be adapted to so many things... addition, missing partners, subtraction, place value, and so much more! Thank you to my old teammate, Jessica for the great idea {Miss you, Jess}!
Have a great week!  We are still in school until the 21st. :)

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