Are You Getting a Student Teacher?

I AM!  Well... she started in November to do her practicum work and now she's going to be my student teacher in January.  Her name is Carly and she ROCKS! She seriously is so fabulous, great with the kiddos, and so eager to learn. :)  I gave her the Student Teacher Binder early because I just couldn't wait.  AND, the fact that her friends saw the binder on our blog and spilled the beans to her!!!! ;)

She used it A LOT during her practicum and she'll use it even more during her Student Teaching.

Ready, Set, Go! Getting Your Student Teacher Off to a Great Start!

This customizable packet is full of resources to compile and put in a binder for your student teacher {or for yourself, if you are a student teacher}. What a great way to show your student teacher that you care? They will feel loved and organized and a lot less overwhelmed! Each page comes in color and black/white!

Included in this student teacher packet:
*Binder Cover {2 options}
*Welcome Letter
*Schedule Form
*Lesson Plan Template
*Helpful Hints Form
*About our Class Form
*Class Roster
*Behavior Management Idea Forms
*Weekly Planner {To-do list}
*Website Resources
*Bright Ideas 
*Student Teacher About Me Page
*Student Teaching Survival Kit {Gift Idea}

** This packet comes in a zip file with a PowerPoint {customizable} and PDF file!

This is a gift idea that is in this packet! It's called the Student Teaching Survival Kit:

Click {here} to see more!

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