Last Minute Christmas Craft {for home or school}

I was contacted by Spangler and they offered to give me a pack of Dum Dums and Candy Canes.  WHOA! They weren't kidding! Thank you so much Spangler! Look at what they sent me:

I decided to do a holiday craft with my kiddos that I found on their website {here}!


We cut a slit in the reindeer and stuck in the Dum Dum. Then, we taped down the candy canes to cardstock and glued on the reindeer head.  They turned out darling and my students oohhed and ahhhed over them!
You can download the pattern for free {here}!

Check out Spangler TODAY for some cute crafts and great pins on Pinterest!!!!!

After doing our craft, we learned about Caribou {reindeer}.  I posted these last year and I thought I'd show you them again. :)  Enjoy!!

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