Some Halloween Randoms

Halloween as a specialty teacher is quite a bit different from being in a regular classroom, but I have been trying to incorporate a little bit of Halloween type computer activities into my lessons.

My older kids {grades 4-6} loved this game from called Ghost Typing. As most of them pointed out, it's a pretty hard game. (We are still working on our keyboarding skills, so it was tough to get rid of the ghosts before they exploded.)

My younger students {grades 1-3} liked playing these two pumpkin games.

It's been Red Ribbon Week at our school this week and I love how the PTA decorated my door! Minecraft seems to be quite the popular game with a lot of my students, so they were all pretty happy to see this:

And, because I'm a proud mom, how cute are these little guys? 
It's fun to have two kids old enough to mostly understand what Halloween is all about. My kids are loving the costumes and beg to wear them almost every day. Also, I can't believe how much they love candy. My little 18 month old has started throwing huge fits if I try to take her candy away. Yikes! 

Good luck tomorrow, teachers! You're probably going to need it! 

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vicky1970 said...

Natalie - the school is so lucky to have you! We lost our computer gal about 6 years ago. I love the minecraft son would die. Happy Halloween my friend.
Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

Natalie Kay said...

Thanks so much, Vicky! I miss having my own class, but love my job as the computer teacher!

Sailing into Second said...

Thanks for the excellent typing resources! I'll have to add those in to our schedule tomorrow! :)

Sailing into Second

Julia said...

I love the typing resource! I had my kids publish by typing their stories out and it took a week longer than planned! I think this will help move it along for the next one! Thanks!

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