Animal Word Helpers {Reading Decoding Strategies}

I know there are a lot of variations of tricky-word word helpers and these are the ones that I like the most!  They work great especially if you can find a stuffed animal (or Beanie Baby) that goes with each one.  I hang them right next to my guided reading table.

Using decoding strategies while helping your students become independent readers is very important! I like to link the decoding strategies with an animal to help my students remember them.

Animal Decoding Strategies:-Fly Eye (use the picture for clues)
-Lips Fish (get your lips ready for the word)
-Stretchy Snake (stretch the word and put it back together)
-Chunky Monkey (find a chunk you know in the word)
-Flippy Dolphin (flip the vowel sound)
-Skippy Kangaroo (skip the word, finish the sentence and come back to the word)
-Asking Alligator (ask someone for help)

Posters {color and B/W}


Reading Sticks

Pennant Banner (see below)

"Word Helper" letters for bulletin board

I also made the posters into pennant banners! It turned out cute and I hope you like it! 


If you want the posters ONLY, but also want lots of mini-lesson ideas. These packs are just it! 

(please note that only the posters are included with these- the bookmarks, sticks, banner, and bulletin board words are only exclusive to the pack that is posted above (Animal Word Helpers)


Unknown said...

Hi, your posters are great! Please verify the links to the resources. Many thanks! :)

Sara said...

I would love to get these things. But the links don't work. Can you check those so we can access them?! That would be wonderful!

Rachelle said...

The links are all fixed! thanks for letting me know!

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