Management Monday: Grouping Students

We are bringing back our Management Monday Series! It was something I started about 4 years ago and it ran for a year. I loved sharing my ideas on how I manage my classroom and the posts contained organization, behavior management, time management, etc. Honestly, I ran out of ideas! LOL. Now...we will be featuring other great ideas from bloggers out there.  I'm telling you... teachers ARE SMART!

Hair Tie Grouping
Today's post is all about grouping students into small groups or partners.  This is when you want random partners or groups and it's one of my favorites from Denise and Sunny Days in Second Grade. Check out her's amazing! And this idea came from her Instagram which is one of my favorites to follow.

I just quickly pass out a hair tie to everyone (or have them out on the table and they have to close their eyes and grab one) and I turn on some music. They must find one person that has their same color and get together! It's quick, fun, cheap and effective. I've even used this to group my students in our field trip groups. 

In a Zoo Grouping
Another way I like to group students is a little noisy, but it's hilarious and it's called "In a Zoo"!  (Print out the cards, laminate them and cut them out). Decide how many of each animal you want. For instance, if you want your students in groups of 3- pull out 3 dolphins, 3 birds, 3 fish, etc.  So you have 3 of each card until you have a class set. 

Pass out the cards {click here for that download}. When the student knows what animal they are, they must MAKE THE NOISE of that animal and DO THE ACTION of that animal in order to find their partner. It is so funny to watch them try to find their group in all the chaos and mess. So... the lion is growling and crawling and trying to find the other lions that are growling and crawling. :)

How do you group your students? 
Comment below and let us know!

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