Management Monday: Genius Awards

Hello everyone! Natalie here and I'm bringing you today's Management Monday idea. As a review, We are bringing back our Management Monday series! It was something Rachelle started about 4 years ago and it ran for about a year. We loved sharing our ideas on classroom management, organization tips, behavior management, time management, and more!

After 10 years of teaching, I've found that positive reinforcement is key to motivating a lot of students. I am personally really motived by positive reinforcement as well. I love getting a little thank you every once in a while and I like to feel appreciated for the things that I do. And guess what?! A lot of our students are the exact same way!

Today I wanted to share with you an idea I've used in the past to help motivate my students to work hard and use higher levels of thinking. It's something I call a "Genius Award" or in the past I've also called it an "Einstein Award" or a "MVP Award."

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What is Genius Award?

It's a classroom incentive idea to encourage students to use higher levels of thinking in your classroom. Any time a student has a bright idea, you can recognize, encourage, and celebrate their accomplishment with a Genius Award!

Students will love these because they will feel special and encouraged to come up with more bright ideas. Parents will love this because they always love to hear about positive experiences their children have in class! As a parent myself, I know that I would be thrilled if my son came home with a Genius Award to show me! 

How can this help with classroom management? Having any type of positive reinforcement system in your classroom will encourage those good behaviors you want to see in your classroom. You can print off a class list and keep track of who wins an award and when. It will give you opportunities to look for greatness even from ALL of your students - even especially from your struggling students. Every child deserves to feel smart and valued. These coupons will give them that opportunity to shine!

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