Management Monday: Take-Home Reading Folders

I want to share with you how I organize my take-home reading folders.  I've heard teachers who feel overwhelmed with the thought of managing this without parent volunteers. I'm here to tell is possible and it can run smoothly without taking a lot of extra time!

1. Buy books
I bought a lot of my books when Scholastic did their 50 books for $50 (they do it a few times a year) in their teacher-store (different than their book clubs). They separate them by grade-level too, so I bought a few variety of those boxes over the years. If you're purchasing from Scholastic's Teacher Store, you can search by LEVEL! If you need more level "G", you can use the search feature and filter only letter "G".  I also buy books from their Book Clubs with my bonus points. I recommend thrift stores and garage sales, as well.

2. Level and label:
We use guided reading levels at my school. This leveled library works double duty. I use it for my take-home library AND for my student library. They pick their books for Daily 5 from here.

Favorite Leveling Apps:

3. Manilla Folder and Cover Page
Glue the cover page on the folder and laminate with the flap OPEN. Cut around the folder, but make sure to leave a slight edge to keep the lamination from pulling apart on the edges.  Use an razor blade cut open the envelope and attach adhesive velcro to the flap and the envelope! I find these folders hold up really well, especially if you follow my directions. If they do tear, just add some book tape to the bottom. I only had to do that with one folder last year. This pack below is a pack of 100.

4. Take Home Reading Log {for parents}
When you send home reading books with your students, send home their independent level- which is a level below what I work with them at school. This helps so the students do not get frustrated reading at home. Inside of their folder is a log for the parent to quickly fill out as they read with their child. This just lets me know the child has read their books. I ask the students to keep the books for at least 2 days to practice comprehension and fluency.

When I switch out books (or you can have a parent volunteer do it), I write down which books I give them so I don't give that book to them again and so I can keep track in case they lose their books. 

My students and parents LOVE that I send home take-home reading books. It doesn't take but 5-10 minutes a day to switch out books. If you have a parent volunteer, that's even better!
In this pack, I explain EVERYTHING you need to know about how to set up a take-home reading system in your classroom! PLUS all the forms you see here AND MORE are included.

This pack gives you everything you need to learn how to set up a take-home reading system in your class!  Just add books!

Included in this pack:
  • Folder Front Covers (5 options and customizable)
  • Reading at Home Folder Back Cover Letter (4 options)
  • Parent Reading Log Form
  • Teacher Reading Log Form
  • We Need Your Books Back (letter)
  • Pictures of folders and examples
  • Tips and Tricks
  • How to Build up Take-Home Library

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