Plymouth or Plimoth?

If you haven't done so already, you HAVE to visit and take your students on an exciting electronic field trip though Plimoth Plantation.

Lots of fun things to learn about:
  • Meet a real descendent of a Wampanoag
  • Find out what the pilgrims really ate at the "First Thanksgiving"
  • Examine primary source documents
  • Learn what is a myth and what is a fact
  • Read about the lives of Wampanoags and Colonists
Click here to download the teacher's guide.

And... just for fun... I thought I'd throw in a picture of me in front of the Mayflower II (Replica of the real Mayflower). A year ago I was able to go on a Teacher's of American History Tour. We got to visit Plimoth Plantation and see the Mayflower II.

(I'm the one in the Purple.)


Mama McAfee said...

Thank you for this blog. I am off on maternity leave so I have lots of time to look through it and get excited for getting back to school and trying out some of these ideas!!!

the art of learning said...

I am currently looking for a good social studies masters program. I noticed, while browsing your blog, that you participated in the Teaching American History tour. Did you do anything else with this group? Classes or anything? Would you recommend them? Thanks so much, I am you guys' newest follower :)

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