Management Monday!

Every Monday we are going to post a couple of tips on management ideas (motivators, positive reinforcements, transitions, etc).  Here is my tip today- I actually just started this class motivator with my class this week because I wanted something different.
I got it from another fellow teacher/blogger at First Grader at Last!

Brownie Points......I LOVE it and it is a great twist on the good old marble jar!  I always make sure to have a motivator for each part of the classroom: *individual, *table, *and whole class.  This is for the WHOLE CLASS!  Just buy a regular old cookie sheet and attach magnet tape to the back, and then stick it to your white board. Anytime the class as a whole are doing a great job by listening, following directions, being responsible, finishing their work, working quietly, etc.... you can give them a "brownie".  When they fill up the whole tray they can pick from the mystery envelope (which I would have taped to the bottom of the tray for a great mystery).  The students can earn extra recess, lunch with the teacher, popcorn party, or an afternoon movie.  What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment.

You can find the brownie download {here}.
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