My Word Helpers

I know there are a lot of variations of tricky-word word helpers and these are the ones that I like the most!  They work great especially if you can find a stuffed animal (or Beanie Baby) that goes with each one.  I hang them right next to my guided reading table.

Using decoding strategies while helping your students become independent readers is very important! I like to link the decoding strategies with an animal to help my students remember them.

Animal Decoding Strategies:-Fly Eye (use the picture for clues)
-Lips Fish (get your lips ready for the word)
-Stretchy Snake (stretch the word and put it back together)
-Chunky Monkey (find a chunk you know in the word)
-Flippy Dolphin (flip the vowel sound)
-Skippy Kangaroo (skip the word, finish the sentence and come back to the word)
-Asking Alligator (ask someone for help)

Posters {color and B/W}


Reading Sticks

Pennant Banner (see below)

"Word Helper" letters for bulletin board

I also made the posters into pennant banners! It turned out cute and I hope you like it! 


If you want the posters ONLY, but also want lots of mini-lesson ideas. These packs are just it! 

(please note that only the posters are included with these- the bookmarks, sticks, banner, and bulletin board words are only exclusive to the pack that is posted above (Animal Word Helpers)

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