Just something cute

I love to do fun, different ways to say THANK YOU in my classroom.

    • For instance, instead of telling our room mom just a plain thank you, we tell her like Elvis.  Yes, you heard me right....ELVIS, the King, the hip shaker, the legend.  We all put our rock star hands up and we strum our imaginary guitar while we say, just like Elvis, "Thank you, thank you very much!"  The kids think it's hilarious and most have NO idea who this Elvis guy is. 

    • We also say thank you by giving the "Seal of approval".  When they hear me say "Let's give the seal of approval", my students flap their arms like a seal and say "arr, arr, arr".

    •  How do you think a pirate shows his/her appreciation?  "Yaaaaaaaaar GRRRRReat!" (while making a hook with their finger)

      • We also give a "round of applause" by clapping in a circle.  

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