Management Monday

Today's "Monday Management" tip comes from one of the cutesy-est (cutesiest?) teachers I know...

Mrs. Lamb!

Mrs. Lamb and I went to college together (another SUU alum!) and then we both randomly got hired at the same school. I love everything about her classroom! Management is one of her natural talents. Here are two things she does to help keep her students in line:
  • Mystery Motivator: Cut out the letters of words that spell out a prize for good behavior. Flip them over and hang them up in your classroom. Every time your students get caught having good behavior, they get to flip a letter over. Once all the letters have been flipped, they earn the 'prize' that has been spelled out. Ideas for prizes include: extra recess, quiet free time, popsicle party, movie and popcorn, etc.
  • Behavior Chart: Create a chart with 4 different colors. Blue = Way to Go! Green = Keep it Up! Yellow = Warning. Red = Stop and Think. Write each students' name on a clothes pin and put them all on green. Throughout the day, students move their name down for bad behavior, or get rewarded for good behavior by moving up to blue. This is a great idea for keeping track of who already has had warnings for the day. (Our school follows the Stop and Think program for behavior.) Students who move to blue get a 'Caught Ya' ticket, which they save up to buy prizes in Mrs. Lamb's school store.
Click HERE to download a copy of her Caught Ya tickets.

And to prove how cutesy she is, here are some pictures of her super cute classroom.

FYI - Mrs. Lamb makes all her stuff from scratch. Her reading buddies and swimming friends are just clipart images, she has blown them up, traced onto poster board, pieced them together, and chalked the edges. Her dot numbers come are just a font that she blew up very large. 
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