Management Monday- Handwriting

I have a little sneaky motivator in my classroom that I use to help the students with their handwriting.  If I notice that they do a great job and they are really working on forming the letters correctly and taking their time, I will give one student a "Neat Treat"--Well, I actually don't give it to them, I leave it on their desk and the note says that it is from the Handwriting FairyThe Handwriting Fairy leaves the neat treat on their desk and they student finds it when they come to school the next day. And the crazy thing is...Mrs. Smith didn't even see a thing! They love getting a treat, especially when it's from a fairy! It's an automatic motivator!

I put the treat on their desk along with some "fairy dust".

Click {HERE} to download the "Neat Treat" labels!

What do you do to motivate your students to have good handwriting?


The Andersen Family said...

As I walk around the room I will pick one person a day that has QUALITY handwriting. That person gets to finish doing their work under the doc cam for the whole class to see. It makes me laugh that such a simple thing works so well!

Ladybug said...

I like this idea! Very cute! :)

Christy said...

I love the "Neat Treat." I use the magical fairy for clean desks, but I like the idea of using her for handwriting, too!

My reward for good handwriting/effort is to allow the child to write with skinny markers or colored pencils on a chosen assignment. They love it!


Cait said...
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Cait said...
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Mr. and Mrs. Jackson said...

So fun! I do the Desk Fairy, too, and they LOVE that! We also have a "Handwriting Hall of Fame" of kids who do their very best handwriting on everything... not necessarily perfect penmanship, but if that child tries really hard all the time, they get "inducted!" I take their pictures with an award and post them in the hallway. Works like a charm! :)

I also do Writer of the Day. I choose one boy and one girl each day during our independent writing time... someone who has worked hard the entire time. They love it!

Tina said...

Hi. I am a bit late finding this post, but just found it through a pin on Pinterest. This is just the sweetest idea! I am a student teacher about to take my last prac class which is a Grade 3 class consisting of 14 girls. They are just starting to progress to cursive writing and I would love to use this. Thank you so much for sharing, I just LOVE it! ~ Tina

anna said...

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Roman Davis said...

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