Free fonts!

I am OB.sess.ED with fonts.  I especially like free ones.  Although DJ Inkers isn't free, I still love everything she does!  I just wanted to share with you some FREE fonts though!  I have a lot of fonts and half of the time I have a really hard time picking one to do for my printables. Not sure how to install?  Go through--- >this <---tutorial! After I install fonts, I always restart my computer!

This cute little website has all of your favorite TV show fonts (like Bewitched and Brady Bunch). They even have video game fonts like Super Mario Bros and Pokemon. Won't your kiddos just love that?

I particularily love this font collection because it's free AND you can search the fonts by "commercial-use ok". 

Kevin and Amanda Fonts are BY FAR my favorite free fonts! 
Here are some of my frequent offenders! :)

Go ahead! Download your little hearts out! You'll thank me later {haha}! ;)

Thanks for the Linky party Jenn!

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