3D Leprechauns

There is the cute, artsy 3rd grade teacher at my school {Mrs. Coyle} who did these HILARIOUS {made me laugh out loud} 3D leprechauns. I just have to share:

Here is the how to:

Give the students a 12" circle pattern to trace on a 12X18 manila paper.
They cut into the center (vocabulary: radius), overlap until a nose appears.
"Leftover" manila paper is used for the ears. (Make sure they have points!)
Students can choose yellow, orange or brown (9X12) for the hair, etc.

                    Each gets: 9X12 green (for the hat)
                                      4X6 red (for the mouth)
                                      4X6 white (for the eyes)
                                      2X3 blue (for the eyes)
                                      3X3 yellow (for the buckle)

What do you think about these little darlings?
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