Monday Management - Expectations


The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher Have you ever read this book? It was our required textbook during my methods of classroom management class in college. I absolutely love this book and read it EVERY year before school starts.

 I love how this book illustrates how important the first couple hours/days/weeks are to a successful school year.

This past year, before I began the year, I created a Powerpoint with all my rules, expectations, procedures, etc. Then, I spent the first couple days of school going over the Powerpoint so my students knew exactly which behaviors I expected from them.

It was also very helpful to go over this Powerpoint after my students came back from Christmas break, and I also plan on going over it again after spring break.

If you'd like to view my Powerpoint,
 click here:

I know there's no way anyone could use my exact Powerpoint since we all have different rules, expectations, rewards, consequences, etc. But feel free to use whatever you can.

Here are some examples of the things I've included:
Just wondering... which rules/expectations/procedures/etc are most important to you?

*  *  *

After getting many requests for an editable version of this PowerPoint, I have recently created a new and improved (and EDITABLE) version of this resource. It is available in my TPT store by clicking here

For a fun way to motivate students to have good behavior, please check out these cute behavior incentive awards:
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