I just like food, ok?

I {heart} food, especially chocolate.  I like to push my love of food on my kiddos (well not really).

We measured candy bars with rulers.

In our 1st grade core, the students only need to know that rulers measure length.  They don't even have to know how to use the ruler. But of course, we expand upon that because it's good to expose them to it for their real world experiences. So if you teach 2nd, 3rd, etc....you could do this lesson, but be a little more strict on the measurements! :)

I am Rachelle, and I am addicted to {teaching} with FOOD. It's SO FUN! The kids are engaged and always give them a little taste of whatever food we worked with that day.

I didn't really care so much about the inches they wrote down because some of the candy was like 5 1/2 inches and that was for sure over their head (I just told them to write the number it was closest to. I just cared that they were working with their partner and not measuring backwards or upside down.

I had my kiddos travel around the classrooms in pairs, looking for a candy bar they'd like to measure {I had 2 of each candy bard and about 10 different kinds}.  They first talk about how many inches the bar might be (estimate), then they take turns measuring it, marking it on their paper, and recording the name of the bar and the inches.

{Click the picture below for the download}

Here is a Kinder/1st grade version you can use 
(with cubes and inches)! 

{Click the picture below for the download}

What do you'll do during your measurement unit?
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