Sorry!! (April Fools' Day)


This is super last minute, but if you need something quick, here you go:
(For upper grades)

April Fool's Day Test

(Or save it in your file for next year.)

* * * * * * * * *

Directions: This is a timed test. You will only have 2 minutes to complete this test, so you must work quickly. All work must be done on this paper. Make sure to read everything before you do anything.

1.      Read everything on this page.
2.    Write your name in cursive in the top right corner of this test.
3.    Write your name in print in the top left corner of this test.
4.     Answer this question: 3 x 5 x 2 = _____
5.    Where does the President live? _____________________
6.    What is the capital of Utah? ______________________
7.    What is ¾ of 100? ___________
8.    Name the 3 branches of government:
a.    ___________     b. ___________   c. ___________
9.    Turn your paper over and draw a giant smiley face.
10. Turn it back over and write your grade level in the bottom left corner.
11.   Write today’s date under your grade level.
12.  Draw a circle around your name.
13. Say, “Oh no!” out loud.
14.  Write your teacher’s name right here: ________________
15.  Stand up and then sit back down.
16. Fold this paper in half (like a hot dog).
17. Whisper, “I don’t get it.”
18.  Write your birthday: ________________
19.   Stand up and fake sneeze. Say, “Excuse me!”
20. What school do you go to? ______________________

Now that you have finished reading everything (as directed in number one), sit back and watch everyone else. 
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